Abkhazia. The city of Gagra, Pr-t. Vladislav Ardzinba 115, the fortress of Abaat
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May 25, 2015
The hotel combines elements of tradition, sophistication and impeccable service. You will not be amazed by the luxury of interiors - this hotel is rather elegant and a little reserved in the design of its interiors and rooms, BUT! service and personal attitude to each guest will be remembered for a long time. In conclusion, I want to say many thanks for the recommendations in the selection of the hotel, and indeed the country itself.


Lake Ritsa
Mountains in Abkhazia with piercing rivers piercing them are unusually beautiful. The beginning of the river is taken in the glaciers of the Caucasus Mountains, so in the hottest weather they bear an amazing coolness.

Pitsundsky temple. Concerts of organ music
Pitsunda is known for its glorious history. Many centuries ago the largest port of Colchis, which traded with Greece, Rome and Byzantium, settled here. Thousands of tourists come here on an excursion to see the stone walls, temples, towers of the ancient and medieval city of Pitius, in which archaeologists have discovered even water and sewerage.

New Athos Cave
In Mount Athos, in the depths of the Apsara Mountain, you will see a fantastic creation of nature - the famous Novy Afon cave, one of the largest in the world. A miniature train silently takes you to a fabulous underground palace, decorated with lakes, quaint stalactites and stalagmites.

The Simono-Kananitsky Monastery
The Orthodox monastery in Novy Afon was founded in 1875 by Russian monks from the Panteleimon Monastery from Mount Athos in Greece. The monastery was built near the ancient temple of the apostle Simon the Canaanite, where his holy relics rest in a chaos! Not far from the temple is a cave, in which, according to tradition, Simon the Canaanite retired and prayed.

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Abkhazia. The city of Gagra,
Pr-t. Vladislav Ardzinba 115, the fortress of Abaat
+7 940 963 27 99
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