Абхазия. Город Гагра
Пр-т Владислава Ардзинба 115, крепость Абаата
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Climate and nature

Abkhazia (abkh. Asna, Apsna — "the country of soul") is the region in the western part of Transcaucasia, on the southeast coast of the Black Sea,it is actually a recognized state “the Republic of Abkhazia”.

Abkhazia is the unique place to relax.

Abkhazia could be called “heaven” because it has the cleanest sea and a genial sunshine. The Abkhazian’s climate is envied by the French Riviera - there are more sunny days here than in French Riviera. However, Sukhum, Gagra, Gudauta and Pitsunda are the well-known resorts, recently the Russian tourists have not visited them, preferring more developed beaches of Krasnodar Krai and the Crimea. Therefore now when Abkhazia becomes fashionable again, the raid of mysteriousness lies on it. The earth with thousand-year history, ancient Colchis of Ancient Greek myths, calls you again to reveal its secrets.


The climate in Abkhazia is subtropical. The average annual air temperature is +15 C, the number of sunny days per year is 220!


The temperature of seawater in summer reaches +27 C, and up to October it maintains a temperature of + 18-19 C, so the swimming season lasts from mid-May to October. According to its physicochemical composition, the sea water near the coast of Abkhazia is approaching mineral waters, and its salinity is only 18 grams per liter - twice lower than in the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

Great importance in the formation of climate takes the Gagra Range,

oriented from the north to the south. It does not allow the cold Mainland winds to pass to the territory of the resort and it also provides a higher

average annual, and especially winter temperature, in comparison with

neighboring, more open resorts.

The resort's natural curative products are climate, sea bathing, aero-heliotherapy and mineral water baths.

Unforgettable Caucasian cuisine and legendary local hospitality have made the resorts of Abkhazia the favorite holiday destination for many generations.

Отель Абаата
Абхазия. Город Гагра
Пр-т Владислава Ардзинба 115, крепость Абаата
Город Гагра (круглосуточно)
+7 940 963 27 99
Город Москва (с 10.00 до 20.00)
+7 903 292 98 40