Абхазия. Город Гагра
Пр-т Владислава Ардзинба 115, крепость Абаата
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30.07.2017, Guests
Were at the hotel last year. Detailed review is available. I will write about what has changed since last year.
There were more umbrellas and built new canopies on the beach. This is a plus. In the cabins for changing clothes there was a shower. Also, when leaving the beach there is a tap with water for legs.
Also there was a bar on the beach. Today is June 9, but unfortunately, it does not work yet.
We made a room for children. With toys, pencils, etc. But it is only for very young children. Year after 5 there is nothing to do.
For adolescents put in the lobby in free access prefix X-box. Of course they wanted better. But this is in question, because our children can be dragged from it by sea with great difficulty. Yes, and some adults, too.
The lobby is fully operational. There is a coffee machine, a bar with drinks (alcoholic and without), a TV. Pleasant atmosphere. You can sit in the evening.
The Internet has become much better. In the buildings there are routers, on several pieces. So this year, problems have not been experienced in this regard.
The sea is still fine, staff and maids too. Cleaning quality, linen is changed every other day. We do not have time to dirty. Loungers all missing.
All of the above I attribute to the undoubted advantages of the hotel. It's getting better and better. Thank you. I hope we'll come again. Although we have not left yet.
30.07.2017, Divine rest in Gagra is a combination of history and modernity.
Lovely nice hotel by the sea, located in a historical place, quite friendly staff, well-groomed territory, a small playground.
08.07.2017, A family
Great rest!
A great place, I think one of the best, but it's not the main thing ,! the nature in Abkhazia is magnificent everywhere, the main thing is how the attendants work! Administrators! All at the highest level !
It is evident that people want the Guests to return once again to them, and this is the most important thing in this business, there you feel yourself an expensive guest and you feel at home! Thank you all!
We recommend everyone to our friends in Gagra, just there!
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Residence: July 2017. Traveler Type: Family
30.06.2017, I'll stop here next time.
The hotel was built in 1903, renovated in 2015. Restoration is not finished yet, but it does not affect the residents of the hotel in any way. By the next arrival, it will be even more comfortable. A lovely hotel with three buildings and its green territory. The hotel has a cafe and a restaurant. Wonderful cuisine in the restaurant, If we are in Gagra, only this hotel.
On trifles, of course you can find fault, but I will not do it, for one reason, that the hotel is magnificent.
07.06.2017, Guest
Excellent location. Near the square with a public transport stop, shops. Just behind the hotel begins Seaside Park, opposite the ancient castle. The hotel itself is located on the territory of the old fortress. A modern, clean, excellent hotel with all amenities. The staff is attentive. Everything is super!
04.08.2015, Yuliya
A stunning hotel! I dreamed of getting to Abkhazia, living in a hotel surrounded by the sea and green mountains, away from the noisy streets and cafes filled with guests. I will not be mistaken if I say that this is the best hotel in Abkhazia. My expectations are justified many times.
Wonderful unspoilt rooms, 3 min. to the beach, delicious food in restaurants. And the main thing is friendly and very helpful staff.
To live in the territory of the fortress is a special pleasure. The views are stunning. Without a doubt, I recommend the hotel to all friends who want to go to Abkhazia.
I note that I rarely write reviews. This is the very case when I can not be silent)
Special thanks to the staff: Alexey, Irina and the restaurant employee Ruslan!
26.06.2015, Hope
We returned from rest in Gagra! Really liked the hotel! Responsive staff, very clean both in the rooms and on the grounds, well-groomed !!! beautiful park!!! The beach is as close as possible, a large pebble, the water is clean, and the very location of the beach allows you to sunbathe all day! In general, I recommend this wonderful hotel to everyone !!! Many thanks to the administrator Alexey!
10.06.2015, Maria
All is well, but for such money could buy baby cribs !!! Very annoying their absence (((thanks to the huge Marina)))
25.05.2015, Elena
It is unfortunate that you refused to give us armor for three days. They just wanted to come for a few days, take a walk. We often visit Gagra. We are planning a long vacation in September. Earlier stayed in Alex, but went to eat only in your restaurant. Repeatedly written good reviews about your restaurant and everyone recommended it. We really wanted to give your preference to your hotel, but you do not need it.
25.02.2015, Oleg
A good hotel in a very cozy place of Gagra, guest staff and the hotel owner! I rested here more than once and am going to April again))) .. I recommend !!!
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Абхазия. Город Гагра
Пр-т Владислава Ардзинба 115, крепость Абаата
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